Navigating to Full Potential

Growth Strategy Consulting

Portfolio, business unit
& regional strategies

Assessing portfolio composition and performance and growth improvement in business units or with geographic regions.

Strategic roadmaps for
emerging companies

Refining growth strategies for emerging companies including project managing capital raising events with external advisors.

Mergers, acquisitions
& disposals

Scanning, identifying, conducting diligence, executing and integrating/separating during inorganic investments.

Growth adjacency
or new market entries

Leveraging distinctive capability systems into new products, customers, or business segments.

Our Value Proposition

Unlocking Latent P0tential

Business Leadership
  • Leveraging internal knowledge and experience to improve strategic clarity
  • Translating strategic clarity into planning, priorities and resourcing
  • Refining goals, targets and milestones to monitor performance
Operating Performance
  • Improving underperforming businesses
  • Supporting high growth potential businesses with strategy and resourcing
  • Identifying and leveraging strategic partnerships
Capital Efficiency
  • Optimising capital allocation to deliver strategic goals
  • Supporting mergers, acquisitions and disposals to accelerate growth
  • Unlocking inefficient working capital and reallocate to highest and best use
About Guberno

Structured processes, independence and practical experience


Our vision at Guberno is unlocking the latent potential in business leadership, operating performance and capital efficiency.


Our mission is helping organisations navigate strategic paths to full commercial potential.

Core Belief

Our core belief is that sound strategic processes can overcome common shortcomings that prevent businesses delivering to their full potential.

Our Approach

Flexible resource model with structured governance

Guberno supports CEO/CFO’s create pathways to solve high leverage opportunities within their organisation.

Leveraging internal resourcing

Utilising people within YOUR organization FIRST to build the best team and ensure we unlock the deep internal intelligence and experience of your business, industry, and competitors.

Accessing a network of external experts

Sourcing supplement resources from outside the organisation to fill gaps in required skill sets to achieve your specific strategic and growth goals.

Delivering structured governance

Ensuring relevant senior stakeholders remain engaged and aligned throughout the evolution of the Strategy Execution Life Cycle.

Our Advisory Services

The six phase Strategy Execution Life Cycle

Guberno supports organisations to chart their way through all, or parts of, the six phase Strategy Execution Life Cycle model.

More on the Six Phases
Our application areas

Case Studies


Strategy Insights


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Andrew Rosengren

Founder & Managing Director

Andrew Rosengren

A seasoned corporate strategy and development professional who combines structured strategic thinking with practical execution realities developed from nearly 20 years working in Executive teams (in the mining, manufacturing, logistics, construction, contracting, chemicals, and industrial services segments), and managing their interactions with Boards.

More on Andrew, the team and the Guberno Approach

What others say

Andrew is one of the most incredible thinkers I have worked with, but what sets him apart is that he is “true north” in his approach – truly unbiased, deeply honest, and unashamedly humble. He has an uncanny ability to consume vast amounts of information quickly to form a fact base, to debunk a hypothesis, validate, or more often to refine it. He is incredibly thorough – ensuring that there are no blind spots, no red flags, or issues that are hidden by personal bias. He is relentless and resilient under all circumstances. I would not hesitate in recommending Guberno Consulting, under the leadership of Andrew, to anyone that is in need to rethink their approach to strategy and implementation.

Senior ExecutiveRenewable Energy

Andrew is an incredibly thoughtful, pragmatic and resilient strategist and leader. I had the pleasure of working directly with Andrew for several years in both a strategy and M&A transaction capacity. Andrew has a remarkable ability and capacity to understand complex situation, distill large amounts of data, articulate clear and concise actions, and most importantly align key and diverse stakeholder groups around these. He develops strategies that are considered, practical and actionable. I would highly recommend Andrew to any organization, big or small, trying to navigate a complex and changing environment to better position itself for future success.


Andrew is an intelligent, honest, and challenging leader who is at his best shaping business strategy to drive competitive advantage. He adds value through market awareness, strategic insights, and commercial acumen. He distils complexity to core business drivers, and draws on data to deliver compelling stories on business performance. He is a critical thinker who is prepared to challenge the status quo.

Project Team MemberChemicals Manufacturing

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