About Guberno

meaning to navigate, chart, steer, pilot or guide

Guberno is a Latin word meaning to navigate, chart, steer, pilot or guide and our company logo is a rune, an ancient Norse symbol for the letter ‘i’ which correlates to a yew tree, and means reaching one’s potential. This combination encapsulates the purpose of Guberno.

Andrew Rosengren

Andrew Rosengren is the founder and Managing Director of Guberno consulting. Andrew founded Guberno Consulting to build a network of quality strategy professionals to provide a flexible resource model to support you with independent critical thinking and facilitation in working through the structured Strategy Execution Life Cycle.

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Our vision at Guberno is unlocking the latent potential in business leadership, operating performance and capital efficiency.


Our mission is helping organisations navigate strategic paths to their full commercial potential.

Core Belief

Our core belief is that sound strategic and management processes can overcome shortcomings preventing businesses deliver to their full potential.

Core Beliefs

Guberno Operating Philosophy

Strategy development and execution is a structured and defined business process;

Engaging key stakeholders in these defined strategic processes is the best way to build alignment and ownership;

Structured processes and effective engagement help unlock the embedded knowledge and capability within existing employees

Independent critical thinking can assist the strategy process in driving process discipline, challenge sacred cows, mediate unreconciled differences of opinion, and leverage fresh perspectives.