Strategy Execution Life Cycle – Partial life cycle from implementing and executing through to monitoring and review.
Background context – Entry into the high growth rate precision measurement and monitoring market was identified as an attractive market entry in an adjacency growth strategy for a global leading mining products and services company. Limited internal capability dictated an acquisition strategy as the best pathway to execute the market entry.
Strategic Challenge – To identify, execute, and integrate an acquisition in the high precision measurement and monitoring market.
Strategic Activities – Engage an outsource market research company to help characterise the market segment including the market size, the forecast demand environment, the competitive landscape and key participants in the market. A priority acquisition target list was developed and refined based on attractiveness and executability. Engage external industry experts to help verify key assumptions built into the investment case. The priority acquisition target entered a formal sale process requiring valuation, diligence, contractual negotiations, internal approval processes, and execution. Post closure, managing the administrative and cultural integration of the new business and the delivery of targeted synergies.
Outcomes – Successful acquisition and market entry into the new segment. Successful integration of the business with delivery of target synergies. Acquisition forms the foundation of a new high growth Division within the corporation.