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Guberno supports organisations to chart their way through all, or parts of, the six phase Strategy Execution Life Cycle.

Guberno facilitates, leads, and/or supports structured strategic processes across this life cycle. Guberno’s primary focus is high leverage opportunities within an organisation and therefore engages primarily with CEO’s/CFO’s and members of their direct team. Guberno’s commitment is to the long-term success of its clients and prioritises those clients seeking longer term partnering relationships.

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Key Focus Questions

Identifying & Defining

What is the vision and how is success defined, what is the distinctive capability platforms, and what are the drivers of underlying business performance?

Formulating and Documenting

What is the compelling strategic narrative that delivers clarity of purpose and alignment?

Analysing and Syndicating

What is the business selling and to whom, why do customers buy from the business and why will this persist and/or improve over time, and what could change this outcome over time and how robust is the planned response?

Approving and Endorsing

How to ensure stakeholders support the strategy with enduring leadership and resourcing?

Implementing and Executing

How to translate the strategy into business planning, how to allocate constrained human and financial resources and how to execute strategic mergers, acquisitions, disposal and partnerships?

Monitoring and Reviewing

How effective is strategy implementation, and what adjustments to strategy are required to respond to change?

The Strategy Execution Life Cycle can be applied effectively across a wide range of Strategic Focus Areas including:


Assessing composition and resource allocation within a portfolio of companies.

Business Unit/Regional

Assessing performance improvement and/or growth of business/regional units with a broader portfolio of companies

Mergers, Acquisitions, Disposals

Scanning, identifying, diligence, executing and integrating/separating during inorganic invesments.

Growth Adjacency or New Market Entries

Leveraging distinctive capability systems into new products, customers, or business segments.


Transforming productive capability and/or customer offerings by leveraging emerging technologies (digital and automation).

Operation Improvement

Unlocking latent potential in business or functional operating performance.


Assessing capability and strategy for functions to support and deliver the broader business strategy.


Unlocking full potential of products/customers with pricing, feature, and sales strategies within targeted segments.

Sourcing and Partnerships

Engaging in a structured way with strategic procurement or strategic business partners.

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